We are proud Alumni of Beecher High School, Flint Michigan of the Fifties and Sixties.
The Mighty Buccaneers

This website's purpose is to provide information about past classmates and to help classmates locate and renew those friendships of the days of our youth. The web site may also be used to announce class reunions, get-togethers and other alumni functions.

Links to a Beecher alumni's personal website will be placed on the site at the request of the alumni.

Take a few minuets from your hectic schedule and join us on Memory Lane

We are:
- Beecher Buccaneer Alumni of the Fifties and Sixties
- Beecher High School Flint, Michigan

Our Goal:
-- To renew those lost friendships of High School days
-- Organized: April 2001

Contact us at:   beecherbucs@comcast.net

Our Classmates information can be view at:PlanetAlumni.comor try    ClassMates.com

Greetings Alum and Friends
HEY!!!  Buccaneer Alum of the 50s & 60s
When is your Reunion planned???
Email us with your information and we will post it in the
Want to IMPRESS the Grand Kids???
Find your Senior Picture....
Click on your Year Book
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a Ture Bceheer Bcucenaer      

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Yah!  and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling Bees wree ipmorantt!

Now if yo were in the top 10 percentile!!!

Click here for the latest issue of The Buccaneer newsletter to find out more on when your class reunion is being planned
The next Buc Alum luncheon is scheduled for

  The FIRST Saturday of FACH Month 
at 12 o'clock Noon
La Villa's Pzza,  Mt. Morri
The 60s Together Again committee meets once a month at LaVillas Pizza on N. Saginaw St. in Mt. Morris on the first Saturday of each month. (Unless Noted different in the Buc News) for a social luncheon.  All alumni of the 50s and 60s are welcomed to join us.  Bring pictures of the grand Kids, old school photos or even your list of meds you are taking and we will enjoy sharing a little time with our ole classmaates.

Let's Du Dutch Lunch Satruday...
Hi ! From
"Hacker Jim"

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  Buccaneer Class of 1963

The Alum of Beecher High Class of 1963 are holding their organizational meetings to set the wheels in motion to celebrate their Fiftiy Fifth year since being graduated from our old School House.

more info??? email  beecherbucs@comcast.com