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Monday, June 8, 1953 Remembered
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Beecher  Tornado Photos
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The Original wooden Beecher school house, erected on the southwest corner of Saginaw Rd. and Coldwater Rd., was used as the Distirct Library.  The Tornado of '53 completely distroyed the structure.  In 1954 the present building was constructed in its location and renamed the Beecher Memorial Library.
A Memorial_Plaque was erected  on its lawn with the names of those that had perished in the storm.
Beecher Memorial Library
On June 8, 1953, 8:35pm, the deadliest tornado in Michigan history struck the northern Flint community of Beecher-- killing 116 and injuring 844 along its path.
Beecher High School was directly in the Twisters path as it roared from the East down Clodwater Road.
The Ole School House took quite a beating!!!
8 June 1953
Beecher Tornado -- Fujita Scale F5